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Sitting on the deck….looking about 35 years back…. April 8, 2015

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This morning (April 4) we were sitting on the deck, having coffee and talking about 35 years back….

sitting on the deck

  On this day of Good Friday..
  leaving our own loved ones
  and mother land,  holding
  little fingers of two kids.
  entered in the new world of  West.
 Traveled long, hand in hand
 without much skills and
 knowledge of new world
 with cool mind and positivism.
 choosing together the best we could
 of unknown path forward.
 crossed Ups and downs
 like mountains and valleys,
 rivers and roads,
 smooth and rough.
 Learned while loss of roots,
earned and gained a lot.
in this natural learning
process of  life-lessons.
Now sitting on the Deck,
found tree looking back.
fruits, colorful flowers
with healthy green branches.
 bowed head to Powers Of Supreme
 on this day of  ” Good Friday”…



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